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Residential & commercial project design engineering consultancy

With you in every step

In every interior design project our main goal is to complete your satisfaction in terms of design, budget and deadline. Together we work on a concept considering your likes and dislikes while keeping in mind the potential of the space we are working with. During our work you will be provided with:

Our way to follow

We provide a wide range of high-end interior design services within Saudi Arabia, with our main client group in Saudi Arabia. In order to deliver customized designs on time and within the client's budget, we personally take care of the entire design process

Have a comfortable design

Considering people's needs, interior designers at Rowan Interiors use human-centered approaches to address the way we live today. Creating new approaches to promoting health, safety and well-being, contemporary interiors are increasingly inspired by the comfort and relaxation as a holistic approach to promoting health, safety and well-being.


The design is complete with details

When designing, we incorporate natural elements, such as water and greenery, as well as elements such as wood and stone, allowing to create an atmosphere of naturalness within the designed space. These design methods can greatly help in improving mental and physical health as well as potential benefits. Withdrawal of negative energies, including reducing stress and mood swings, feeling bored, and increasing the activity of our nervous system, this is an example but not in general

 Design consultations

If you have a low budget we offer you a design consultation.

Own a perfect home

Reimagine your own home with RAWAN INTERIOR. We'll ask you a few questions to find out what you like, and then show you our recommendations for modern home design. Pursue all the elements and colors according to your own taste to create the perfect home.


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